Eden Floral Boutique: A Cincinnati Oasis

The moment you walk into Eden Floral Boutique, you are transported. On all sides are plants of every variety – big, small, and in between; the greenness of it is simply delicious. Gorgeous leaf-clad wallpaper covers the back wall of the store. A flower bouquet bar boasts lovely pops of color. Seriously – this place is perfection.

Eden Storefront {1129 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202}



When I arrived at Eden, I was greeted by storeowner Kelly Dragoo and store manager Nola Lee. I had the privilege to sit down with them for a bit to learn about the origins of Eden, as well as their store today. As we talked, it was evident that they both love what they do, and both adore working with plants.

Kelly Dragoo {owner} and Nola Lee {manager}

Located in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine (OTR) district, Eden has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. Owners Kelly Dragoo and Kelly Murphy met in 2008, and formed an instant friendship. Both Kelly’s were looking to do something new professionally, and decided to go into business together. They started what is now Eden Floral in Kelly Murphy’s basement. Initially, their business focused on creating floral arrangements for weddings, daily deliveries, and events.

As their business grew, they searched for a building they could buy to expand their business. In 2009, they found their current building and set up shop. For the next seven years, they operated by appointment only, as OTR was not the booming area it is today. The business continued to revolve around floral arrangements.



However, OTR has grown quite a bit across the last few years – thanks, in part, to expanded housing, more shopping and businesses, and increased foot traffic in the area. In June of 2016, Kelly and Kelly knew it was time to expand yet again and open the doors as a storefront. In addition to floral arrangements, they now offer a variety of houseplants, pots, and planters. They offer a small selection of gardening tools and home décor, as well.

Kelly views working with plants and flowers as an art form. That’s why manager Nola – whose degree is in fine arts – was a perfect fit for joining the store family. Not only does she have a natural green thumb, but she has an eye for the beautiful.

A beautiful flower bar is set up each day so you can create your own hand-selected bouquets.

Eden’s main goal is to not just make a sale, but to inspire their customers and equip them with the knowledge it will take to keep the plant alive. Specifically, they want to ensure that their customers know the correct light and amount of water required so that they don’t kill their plant. This is achieved not only through maintaining a very knowledgeable staff (seriously – you can ask them anything!), but also through the use of little “care cards” that come with every plant. These helpful resources make it easy – even for those with a brown thumb – to have a successful houseplant experience.

Care cards come with each plant, making your experience once you get home {hopefully} more successful!


Houseplants are becoming a hugely trendy home décor item. If you open almost any décor catalog or peruse décor pins on Pinterest, you’re bound to see plants everywhere. In fact, Kelly said that her plant supplier told her there hasn’t been a demand for plants like this since the 70’s! Also, Kelly believes that our culture’s increased interest in a health-conscious lifestyle – yoga, organic living, etc. – has made people more interested in improving the air quality in their home by keeping houseplants.

All of Eden’s inventory is handpicked from a wholesale plant market. This enables them to check the soil and ensure that the foliage is healthy. If the plant doesn’t meet their expectations, they won’t sell it in their store. The Eden staff is always looking for new varieties to carry in their stores; in fact, the day I visited, Nola found three new varieties at the wholesaler – which was clearly exciting to everyone!

I asked Kelly and Nola what their best advice would be for someone just beginning with plants. Nola responded, “I would look at your space at certain times. So like in the morning, what kind of light do I have? In the afternoon, what kind of light? At night, what kind of light, or in the evening? Consult your space and also where you want to put things. And then you can come into a shop like this, because the first question I’m going to ask you is what kind of light do you have and where do you want to put [your plant].”



“The other question, too, is to think about your pets. ‘Do you have curious cats? Do you have a dog that wants to munch on things?’ That’s something I’m going to ask you next… Also, if you have young children, you don’t want toddlers going up and biting on some plants.”

Nola continued, “I guess the third one would be, ‘How much effort do you want to put in to it? Do you want a plant that you don’t really have to worry about? Do you travel?’ It’s like, ‘do I want something a little more complicated with a bigger outcome or invest less time?’”

Kelly added, “I always think, too, go small. Start with a six-inch pot at the biggest and see how you do with it. Don’t go buy a $125 plant because that’s an investment and a lot of time! Start small and then go bigger.”

Once I was done chatting with Kelly and Nola, I spent some time exploring their beautiful store. Not only do they carry plants of every type, but they also have pots and planters and very size and shape. Eden also features local artists work – both wall art and pottery. It is evident that every piece is carefully hand-picked and arranged into lovely displays.


There are so many fun pieces available at Eden.

Eden carries many different plant varieties – many which are on my current wish list! I kept telling Nola, “You have this plant that I’ve been dying for!” However, as I was wrapping up my visit at Eden, I stumbled across a Snake Plant in a variety I have been searching for, called “Moonshine.” I absolutely couldn’t leave without it…so I didn’t.

Me – the {house}plant momma – proudly holding my new plant baby!

den Floral Boutique_ A Cincinnati Oasis.png

If you are ever visiting Cincinnati, you simply must visit Eden Floral Boutique – a true Cincinnati oasis! They are located at 1129 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, and are open Tuesday thru Thurs from 11:00-3:00, and Friday and Saturday from 11:00-5:00. If you visit, be sure to tell them that the {house}plant momma sent you!

To learn more about Eden Floral…
Website: http://www.edenfloralboutique.com
Instagram: @edenfloral
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edenfloralboutiques/

– the {house}plant momma

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