Products I {Heart}: Novelty Planters

Today’s blog starts a series called “Products I {Heart).” Many times as I peruse the Internet, I come across plant-related products that I absolutely adore or that I’d love to tell others about. My goal with this series is to share these awesome finds with you in the hope of inspiring your own houseplant journey.

You’ll notice that many (but not necessarily all) of the products I feature will come from Etsy or other independent artisan websites. As I’ve said in a previous blog, I love supporting small businesses – be it local or online.  I would be thrilled if my little blog funneled more internet traffic their way! You know what they say: when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!

To kick off this series, I thought I’d have some fun sharing some of my favorite novelty planters.

Large Three-legged Planter with Black Cat on White

Black Cat Etsy
Image via Etsy

Tiny Sloth Planter

Tiny Sloth Etsy
Image via Etsy

Wool Cat Succulent Planter

Wool Cat Etsy
Image via Etsy

Face Planter

Face Planter Etsy
Image via Etsy

Friendly Face Planter

Image via Etsy

Orange Jellyfish Air Plant Holder

Jellyfish Etsy
Image via Etsy

Wild Alpaca Pot

Llama Planter Anthro
Image via Anthropologie

Lion Planter

Lion Planter West Elm
Image via West Elm

Bunny Planter

Bunny Planter Amazon
Image via Amazon

Pineapple Airplant Holder

Pineapple Etsy
Image via Etsy

Which one of these is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.


– the {house}plant momma


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