Products I {Heart}: Monochromatic Planters

There’s an old saying that says, “Less is more.” This is true in many instances. (My mom used to remind me of this when I was learning to apply makeup, when I was eying heels with a little too much sex appeal, or when I wanted to buy a shirt with too much “bling.”) However, I can’t think of many situations where that saying is truer than with plants. Neutral planters allow the beauty of the plant to shine through, making a simple, elegant statement.

Neutral 1
Image via ShopStyle

When I started my journey with houseplants, I didn’t have a clear vision for how I wanted to display my plants or the type of message I wanted them to send. I simply bought whatever I liked at the moment, and shoved my plants in the pots accordingly. However, the more I work with plants and gather inspiration from others (specifically on Instagram), the more I find myself drawn towards neutral colors – specifically the monochromatic palette of white, black, and gray.

Neutral 2
Image via House Plant Journal

Below you will find some of my favorite pots and planters in this color scheme.

Triangle Floating Wall Planter

Triangle Planter Etsy
Image via Etsy

Cut Ceramic Planter

Geometric Anthro
Image via Anthropologie

Hanging metal planter (available in black and white)

Hanging Planter Etsy
Image via Etsy

Netara Gray Planters

Netara Planter Anthro
Image via Anthropologie

Iris Planter + Chevron Stand

Chevron Stand WE
Image via West Elm

White Ceramic Vintage-Style Pot – I have a set of these and absolutely love them!  They’re a great way to add texture into you decor without adding in additional colors.

Vintage-Style Amazon
Image via Amazon

Gray Geometric Pot

Gray Geometric Amazon
Image via Amazon

Large Mid-Century Planter

Large Mid-Century Etsy
Image via Etsy

Ceramic Wallscape Planters (white and black) – I also have one of these and absolutely love it!  It currently houses some of my rooted Wandering Jew cuttings, and makes a wonderful statement piece on the wall.

Wallscape Planter WE
Image via West Elm

Monochromatic Concrete Planters (available in multiple color combinations)

Gray Concrete Etsy
Image via Etsy

What’s your favorite color scheme to use when displaying your plants? Tell me in the comments below!


– the {house}plant momma

One Reply to “Products I {Heart}: Monochromatic Planters”

  1. Hey Allison! Thanks for this lovely post. I especially like the circular hanging pot holders, simple, yet beautiful! I’ll refer back to this post when I’m ready for some new plant holders! xo


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