Plant Killer vs. Plant Lover

“Hi. My name is Allison, and I’m a plant killer.”

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know by now that I’ve not always been the {house}plant momma; for most of my life, I’ve actually been a plant killer. It has taken time, a lot of research, and some straight-up good luck to turn me from a plant killer into a {successful} plant lover.

Plant Killer
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Plant Lover
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My first major causality was a fiddleleaf fig. However, I’ve also killed lilies, a watermelon peperomia, and many succulents along the way (and that’s just the short list!). Luckily, not every plant is difficult to care for! Some of my favorite plants are actually pretty easy to take care of, and tend to be fairly forgiving even when you forget to take care of them.

Below you can see some of my favorite hard-to-kill houseplants. These are not just houseplants that I found on a random list somewhere on the Internet, but are ones that I actually have in my own collection.

10 Hard to Kill Houseplants.png


As I wrote in a previous blog, pothos are air-purifying plants. They are also very flexible when it comes to their light and temperature requirements. I have four different varieties of pothos, and each one has done really well in my home – no matter the lighting situation in the room.

Another thing that I love about pothos is that they propagate very easily. I recently moved and lost quite a few long vines off of one of my pothos plants. I took the vines, stuck them in water, and have been thrilled to watch the roots emerge. Once the roots are well-established in water, I will plant them in soil.

(To learn more about why pothos plants are awesome, check out my friend Joi’s blog here.)


I remember one time as a child, I was visiting a friend who was cooking my family lunch. However, as she cooked, she got busy talking, stopped paying attention, and burned her hand. Instead of reaching for ice, she broke off a piece of her aloe plant and held it on the burn. I vividly remember being fascinated that a plant could have medicinal properties. Aloe is also known for being great on sunburn.

Aloe is a succulent, so it does well with lots of sun and doesn’t need to be watered too frequently. It’s a great plant if you are bad at remembering to water!

Snake Plant

Snake plants have to be one of my favorites of all houseplants! They are so resilient and are really easy to care for. They do well in a variety of lighting conditions, which makes them fit for many different rooms in the house. They also do well in warmer conditions, and prefer their soil moist.

When I bought my first snake plant, the girl working at the shop told me, “Do you know what these plants are nicknamed? They’re called ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ because they’re impossible to kill.” I don’t have a “bad” mother-in-law, but every time I think of that story, it makes me smile.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are another plant that is known for the air-cleansing properties (see more here). They are also very easy to grow; they enjoy low-light, and do well in warmer temperatures.

Peace lilies are great at letting you know when they need watered, too. When they need water, their leaves go limp and they look rather listless. Shortly after being watered, though, they perk right back up again!

Spider Plant

I hate spiders…but I love spider plants! Spider plants look great in hanging baskets. There are also many different beautiful varieties. Spider plants prefer moist soil, and enjoy medium to bright light.

One of the things that I love about spider plants is that they put out “babies,” which allows you to easily expand your collection of plants! Simply snip off one of the pups, put it in water, and once roots develop, you can plant it on soil.

Areca Palm

I got my areca palm as an impulse buy from my local grocery store. It was huge and cheap, so I figured if I killed it, I wouldn’t be too sad. However, mine took off as soon as I got it home, and has been putting out new shoots consistently since then!

Areca palms do well in low light (which is perfect for the room I put it in), and need to be watered as infrequently as every other week. They can grow quite large, but will stay smaller if kept in a smaller pot.

(To learn more about hard-to-kill plants, check out this article.)

I still kill plants sometimes, but I have been getting much better about understanding what each one of my plant babies needs. But even though I’ve been more successful lately, I still feel sad when one of them doesn’t survive. Each day I’m learning more about what my plants need, and I’m having a great time along the way!

Plant Lover v. Killer.png

So, which are you – a plant killer or a plant lover? (Or perhaps a plant lover who happens to be a plant killer??) Let me know in the comments below!

– the {house}plant momma

5 Replies to “Plant Killer vs. Plant Lover”

  1. Thank you so much for linking my blog in your post!

    I love this list! It’s a great go-to for anyone who wants to be a “plant lover.” I’m going to look for an Areca Palm for my new place. Thanks again, Allison. Now, time to add your graphic to my plant Pintrest board. 😊


  2. The two plants I’ve not been able to kill are on your list–peace lily and pothos…have had them for years now and they still thrive! Also just got a snake plant so here’s to not killing that too!


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