Products I {Heart}: Boho Planters

If I were to say the word “boho,” what would come to your mind? Perhaps you’d think of bright pops of color; lots of soft cushions, rugs, and textiles; beaded curtains; or maybe (because it always comes down to this for me), lots of lush plants.

While the boho aesthetic isn’t a style that I have incorporated into my own home, I love to look at boho spaces. All of the beautiful colors, patterns, and textures are a feast for my eyes!

Image via Bohemian Collective

Something you’ll notice when you look at beautiful boho spaces is that there are – many times – a lovely array of plants. These are always displayed in the most unique ways: macrame hanging planters, vintage rattan stands, or one-of-a-kind baskets.

Boho 2
Image via My Scandinavian Home Blog

(Seriously, I can’t handle how good these spaces are!)

Boho Space 3
Image via Pampa

Today, I am featuring some of my favorite boho planters. You’ll notice that a lot of the planters come from Etsy; this is because many of them are vintage, adding to that perfect boho charm. (Etsy is an awesome place to look for great vintage pieces – no matter what your aesthetic is!) Flea markets and thrift stores – while frequently undependable in their selection – are also great places to search.

Vintage Woven Wall Planter

Etsy Cone Wall Planter
Image via Etsy

Seagrass Planter Basket

Amazon seagrass basket
Image via Amazon

Coil Wrapped-Leaf Baskets 

Etsy Wrapped Leaf Baskets
Image via Etsy

Macrame Hanging Planter

Amazon macrame
Image via Amazon

Black Boho Plant Holder

Etsy Mudcloth.jpg

Macrame Floating Shelf  (Ok, so I know this isn’t a planter…but couldn’t you just imagine a bunch of cute little plants on that shelf?!)


Amazon macrame shelf
Image via Amazon

Jungalow Rattan Plant Table 

Etsy Jungalow Table
Image via Etsy

Jute or Cotton Macram Hanging Planters

Etsy Jute or Cotton
Image via Etsy

Rattan Plant Stand

Amazon Rattan plant stand
Image via Amazon

Blue Crystal Hanging Air Plant Holder

Etsy Crystal
Image via Etsy

Even if you don’t choose the boho aesthetic for your own home or space, there’s no denying it’s beauty.

Boho Planters.png

Which of these planters is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments!

– the {house}plant momma



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