Moving With Plants

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been…I promise: I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. My family and I just made a big move, and things have been absolutely insane. As part of sharing my plant journey with you all, I wanted to share my experiences with moving with plants.

We placed our home in Dayton, Ohio on the market on July 15, 2017 as we left for a few days vacation with my parents. I jokingly told our realtor as we left, “Get this thing sold before we get home!”

Some of my plants lined up by the door before moving

And he did. In four days – yes, before we returned – our house was under contract. Although we had anticipated it would sell quickly, we hadn’t counted on it selling THAT quickly. The next month approaching our closing was an absolute whirlwind of packing and trying to figure out what was next for our family.

We planned to move to Dublin, Ohio, to be closer to where my stepson, Alex, lives with his mom. However, homes were selling like hotcakes in the area (for well above our price range, no less). Finally, a week before we were set to move out of our home in Dayton, we went under contract on a “fixer-upper” less than half a mile from Alex’s mom’s house.

Cutest little moving helper I ever did see! (Note the tongue out in concentration as he walks down the steep plank!)

And then I began to panic – where was all our stuff going to go? And, more importantly, where were all my plant babies going to go? (You know that was my real concern!) My in-laws graciously allowed to let us keep all our stuff in their pole barn while we waited to close on our new house; they also agreed let me keep all my plants in their basement.

I really fought my husband about taking my plants with us. We secured a short-term apartment (through Airbnb), and I felt like we’d have plenty of space for my plants. My husband told me – no plants. (Insert crying face emoji!) I did manage to keep a few of my cuttings with me, but all of my other plants – large and small – were packed up into the drawers of our dresser and transported to my in-laws in the moving truck.

R.I.P. rubber tree (and you can see the battered monstera in the foreground)

Some of my plants didn’t do so well in the move. My beautiful monstera took a beating in the moving truck. Also, once moved into my in-laws, my rubber tree that had been struggling at our home completely gave up the goat.

However, most of my plants did pretty well (amazingly!!). My in-laws have a split-level home, and their basement has some fantastic southern-facing windows. Also, the room where the plants were is fairly humid, and they sure liked that!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Checking in on my plant babes in my in-laws basement

I visited my plants a couple times while they were away from me, being sure they had enough water, pruning them as needed, moving them towards the window or away, depending on their needs.

On September 22, 2017, we closed on our new house and got keys right away. I wanted to pick up my plants the instant we were done at the closing, but my husband (ever the logical one) said we needed to move in “stuff” before plants. (Such a killjoy, right?? HA!)

YAY! They’re home!

Finally, last week, my in-laws brought all my plant babies to their new home! I can’t tell you how big I was smiling as I carried in each drawer and crate filled with green goodness. After all the plants were in the house, I spent several hours with my hands happily covered in soil as I worked with each one in-depth: pruning, repotting, etc.


So this is where I am: living out of boxes, plants stacked anywhere that’s flat (including on piles of boxes), painting my fireplace a color my husband hates, and preparing to strip miles of wallpaper from every room in the house.

Moving with Plants.png

I’ll definitely share how my plants adjust to their new environment, especially as we get ready for winter.  Fingers crossed they do well!

– the {house}plant momma

One Reply to “Moving With Plants”

  1. Hey Allison, I totally understand how hard it can be to be parted from your plants for any amount of time. However, looks like most of them made it to your new place okay. I LOVE how you are designing the mantel with plants! And is that navy blue your new paint color? Wishing I could come visit.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!
    Happy planting.



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