Products I {Heart}: Watering Cans

Ah, watering cans – one of the most basic parts of plant care. Do you have a special watering can you use when you water your plant babes? I’ll be honest…I am super-duper lame when it comes to watering my plants: I use an old water bottle the inevitably ends up spilling everywhere. (I frequently have to go grab a towel and clean up before my husband sees the mess; he gets unhappy and gripes that I’m “going to ruin the furniture with water damage…”)

philos_and_fern Inspo.png
Image via @philos_and_fern

I have to tell you, though, whenever I look through my Instagram feed or on Pinterest and see a picture with an attractive watering can, it immediately catches my eye. There’s definitely something to be said for making all parts of your surroundings beautiful. Gone are the days where your watering can has to be a big clunky green monstrosity; there are so many cute – and unique – options out there!

The Future Kept Inspo.jpg
Image via The Future Kept

Today, I want to share some of my favorite watering cans with you. (And, with any luck, maybe Santa will bring me one of these for Christmas! <hint hint>)

Polished Watering Can

Anthro Metallic WC
Image via Anthropologie

Modern Copper Watering Can

West Elm Copper WC
Image via West Elm

Stainless Steel Watering Can

Amazon Stainless Steel WC
Image via Amazon

Hammered Copper Watering Can

Amazon Hammered Copper WC.jpg
Image via Amazon

Adorable Elephant Watering Can

Amazon Elephant WC.jpg
Image via Amazon

White Classic Watering Can

Hayneedle White WC.jpg
Image via Hayneedle

When Pigs Fly Watering Can

Amazon Pig WC.jpg
Image via Amazon

Circular Brass Watering Can

Amazon Circular Brass WC.jpg
Image via Amazon

Ikea BITTERGURKA Watering Can (comes in several colors)

Image via IKEA

Haws Solid Copper Watering Can

Anthro Copper WC.jpg
Image via Anthropologie

Have you found other watering cans you like as you have meandered through the Internet? If so, please share them with me in the comments section below. I’m always looking for something new and inspiring…and there’s still time to adjust my list to Santa!

Watering Cans.png

– the {house}plant momma

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